Rīgas kauss 2023

Division Dance Music Pēdējais labots Apskatīt
Rugrats (0-5) Treat You Better by Nicola Lafferty Treat You Better by DJ Ice 15.10.2022
Bērni/Kids (6-9) This Is How We Party by Rebecca Lee This Is How We Party - R3HAB & Icona Pop 31.10.2022
Starter (Dance A - Lilt/ Polka) Don't Give Up by Erni Jasin Try Everything - Shakira 15.10.2022
Starter (Dance B - Cuban/ Cha Cha) Bad Guy Cha Cha  by Lucy Aprilina Lo Bad Guy - Dj Ice (Billie Eilish cover) 15.10.2022
Starter (Dance C - Street)* - līdz open vecuma grupai Overtime by Rebecca Lee Overtime - Sonny 15.10.2022
Starter (Dance C - Novelty) - sākot no crystal vecuma grupas Bye Bye Paris by Michele Burton Bye Bye Paris - Ray Collins' Hot-Club 15.10.2022
Newcomer (Dance A - Cuban/Cha Cha) Stretchy Pants Cha by Zan Tan Stretchy Pants - Carrie Underwood 17.10.2022
Newcomer (Dance B - Smooth/ Nightclub) Aftermath by Fred Whitehouse Aftermath - Rascal Flatts 17.10.2022
Newcomer (Dance C - Street)* - līdz open vecuma grupai Pulling Me by Jean-Pierre Madge & Grace David Dancing Around it - Coleman Hell 25.10.2022
Newcomer (Dance C - Novelty) - sākot no crystal vecuma grupas Easy Title by W.L.D. Title - Meghan Trainor 17.10.2022
Novice (Dance A - R&F/ Waltz) Both by Dave Morgan & Jenny Stevenson Both - Ingrid Andress 24.01.2023
Novice (Dance B - Cuban/ Cha Cha) Sabor by Jason Takahashi Cuba - Tiene Sabor(feat. Omara Portuondo) - BUNT. 17.10.2022
Novice (Dance C - Street)* - līdz open vecuma grupai Infectious by Satu Ketellapper & EWS Winson Infectious (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Charlie Wilson 17.10.2022
Novice (Dance C - Novelty) - sākot no crystal vecuma grupas Zulu Power by Ria Vos Power To the People (The 2 Malinga's Zulu Mix) - Vula & Saul Malinga 17.10.2022
Intermediate (Dance A - Lilt/ Polka); EXTRA (Dance A - Lilt/ Polka) Cut Me Loose by Fred Whitehouse Cut Me Loose - The Shires 07.11.2022
Intermediate (Dance B - Smooth/ Nightclub); EXTRA (Dance B - Smooth/ Nightclub) You're My Favorite by Jo Thompson Szymanski You're My Favorite - Jason Jones 07.11.2022
Intermediate (Dance C - Cuban/ Cha Cha); EXTRA (Dance C - Cuban/ Cha Cha) Portland Cha by Amy Glass, Dustin Betts, Jean-Pierre Madge, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen Mercy - Valntn 07.11.2022
Intermediate (Dance D - Street)* - līdz open vecuma grupai It's Go Time by Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever Tick Tick Boom (feat. BygTwo3) - Sage the Gemini 14.07.2022
Intermediate (Dance D - Novelty) - sākot no crystal vecuma grupas Swingin' Praise by Maddison Glover & Shane McKeever Praise The Lord (feat. Thomas Rhett) - BRELAND 14.07.2022
EXTRA (Dance D - Novelty) - visiem Dem Dey Go by Fiona Murray (IRE) & Roy Hadisubroto Dem Dey Go - Brymo 14.07.2022
Country Classic Team (Junior, Open) Raised Like That by Darren Bailey Raised Like That - James Johnston 15.10.2022
Country Classic Team (Senior) I Got You by Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse I Got You - Anders Sohn 15.10.2022
Country Classic Team (Gold) I'm on My Way by Maggie Gallagher Toora Loora Lay - Celtic Thunder 15.10.2022
Country Classic Team (Gold Plus) Bottom of the Bottle by Gary O'Reilly Bottom of the Bottle - Derek Ryan 15.10.2022
Modern Line Team (Junior) I Swear, I Swear by Guillaume Richard, Amanda Rizzello I Swear - YouNotUs 15.10.2022
Modern Line Team (Open) Stilettos by Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever High Heels - John Duff & Lillias White 15.10.2022
Modern Line Team (Senior) Sirkus by Roy Verdonk, Kelli Haugen, Pim van Grootel, Laura Bartolomei, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Henrik Grønvold Sirkus - Carina Dahl 15.10.2022
Modern Line Team (Gold, Gold Plus) Just Fly by Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray & Jo Thompson Szymanski Just Fly - Max Barskih 15.10.2022
Quad /Četrinieks - visām vecuma grupām Can't Stop Us Now by Pitbull & Zac Brown Band (Special Edit) 11.09.2022
Duo Junior/ Duets juniori Natural by Breland (Special Edit) 11.09.2022
Duo Teen/ Duets tīņi 5 O'Clock Dance by Casey Donovan 11.09.2022
Duo Open/ Duets atklātā vec.gr. Me On You by Muscadine Bloodline (Special Edit) 11.09.2022
Duo Senior/ Duets seniori Like I Love Country Music by Kane Brown (Special Edit) 11.09.2022
Showcase Duo/ Šova dueti - visām vecuma grupām Chasing Cars by Tommee Profitt, Fluerie (Special Edit) 11.09.2022