Division Dance Music Pēdējais labots Apskatīt
Rugrats I SEE LOVE by Courteney Wetzel I See Love by Jonas Blue ft. Joe Jonas 13.07.2021
Kids THE BANANA DANCE by Adam Åstmar Banana (Minisiren Remix) by Conkarah, Shaggy & DJ Fle 13.07.2021
Starter (Dance A) - ECS TRAIN SWING by Niels Poulsen Lover Please by Billy Swan 13.07.2021
Starter (Dance B) - ChaCha MIDLAND CHA by Tina Argyle Put The Hurt On Me by Midland 13.07.2021
Starter (Dance C - primary, junior, youth, teen, open) - Street MY RITUAL by Niels Poulsen Ritual by Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora 13.07.2021
Starter (Dance C - crystal, diamond, gold, gold+) - Novelty GOOD FEELINGS by Fred Whitehouse Good Vibes (Good Feeling) [feat. Craig Smart] [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k19 Mix] 13.07.2021
Newcomer (Dance A) - ECS BURNING LOVE by Christian Sildatke Burning Love by Wynonna 13.07.2021
Newcomer (Dance B) - ChaCha T ME ON by Raymond Sarlemijn Turnin Me On by Blake Shelton 13.07.2021
Newcomer (Dance C - primary, junior, youth, teen, open) - Street SUSHI by Rebecca Lee Sushi by Merk & Kremont 13.07.2021
Newcomer (Dance C - crystal, diamond, gold, gold+) - Novelty SOAK UP THE SUN by Ria Vos A Few Good Stories by Brett Kissel 13.07.2021
Novice (Dance A) - Waltz EXTRAORDINARY WALTZ by Mark Furnell & Chris Godden Extraordinary Magic by Ben Rector 13.07.2021
Novice (Dance B) - NC THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL by Gary O'Reilly, José Miguel Belloque Vane & Niels Poulsen The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston 13.07.2021
Novice (Dance C - primary, junior, youth, teen, open) - Street OCEAN TO OCEAN by Rebecca Lee, David Hoyn, Philip Sobrielo & Grace David Ocean to Ocean by Pitbull ft. Rhea 13.07.2021
Novice (Dance C - crystal, diamond, gold, gold+) - Novelty SOUL SHAKE by Fred Whitehouse Soul Shake by Tommy Castro 13.07.2021
Intermediate, EXTRA (Dance A) TWIST & TURNS by Maddison Glover Tomorrow Never Comes by Zac Brown Band 13.07.2021
Intermediate, EXTRA (Dance B) WOKE UP LATE by Maddison Glover Woke Up Late by Drax Project ft. Hailee Steinfeld 13.07.2021
Intermediate, EXTRA (Dance C) ICE COLD by F.Murray, R.Hadisubroto, S.McKeever, R.Lee & Kei Ice Cold by Brother Zulu 15.07.2021
Duo/Dueti (Junior) NO EXCUSES by Meghan Trainor 13.07.2021
Duo/Dueti (Open) Country Girl by Jessie Buckley 13.07.2021
Duo/Dueti (Senior) Gambling Man by The Overtones 13.07.2021
Showcase Duo/Šova dueti THIS IS ME by Keala Settle, The Greatest Showman Ensamble[3:16] 13.07.2021
Quad/Četrinieks REACH by S Club 7 13.07.2021
Country Classic Team (Junior) GET DRUNK GET LOUD by Rob Holley Bound ta Git Down by Shooter Jennings 13.07.2021
Country Classic Team (Open) KISS THAT GIRL GOODBYE by Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland Kiss That Girl Goodbye by Aaron Watson 13.07.2021
Country Classic Team (Senior) AMERICAN MADE by Darren Mitchell & Rob Fowler A Country Boy's Life Well Lived by Jon Wolfe 13.07.2021
Country Classic Team (Gold) DOWN ON YOUR UPPERS by Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers by Derek Ryan 13.07.2021
Country Classic Team (Gold+) LOVE AIN’T by Darren Bailey Love Ain't by Eli Young Band 13.07.2021
Modern Line Team (Junior) DARE TO DANCE by Fred Whitehouse Do You Feel What I Feel (feat. David Timothy) by Tomas Kaya 13.07.2021
Modern Line Team (Open) RHYTHM INSIDE by Darren Bailey Rhythm Inside by Callum Scott 13.07.2021
Modern Line Team (Senior) SHOT OF TEQUILA by Fred Whitehouse Drunk by Jeanette Akua 13.07.2021
Modern Line Team (Gold) STITCH IT UP by Robbie McGowan Hickie Elvis Medley by The Dean Brothers 13.07.2021
Modern Line Team (Gold+) LET'S TWIST AGAIN by Karen Tripp Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker 13.07.2021